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Choosing the Appropriate Summer Camp Session Length

The Benefits of Shorter & Longer Sessions at Overnight Camps

By Choice Camps Staff

Updated Oct. 25, 2009, 11:19 p.m.

Overnight summer camps are available throughout the summer and offer a variety of different session lengths. Parents often have a difficult time choosing the appropriate session length for their child or teen. Below is a list of reasons for attending both shorter (1 week - 3 weeks) and longer (4 weeks - 8 weeks) summer camp sessions.

Five Great Reasons to Choose a Shorter (1 week - 3 weeks) Session

  1. They're great for first-time campers. Shorter sessions allow first-time campers to get a brief taste of the camp experience, and can set a foundation for attending longer sessions in the years to come.

  2. They offer flexible session dates. For most camps, offering a shorter schedules means they can pack more sessions into each summer - providing a number of convenient start and end dates for families.

  3. They're less expensive. If you're on a budget, a shorter session will allow your family to save money while still giving your child a summer camp experience.

  4. They give kids and teens a taste of the summer camp culture. Attending an overnight summer camp for a short period of time gives campers a taste of the camp's culture, and will provide a strong foundation for determining if they want to attend camp in the future.

  5. They minimize homesickness. Campers are often more comfortable leaving home for the first time if they know they'll be back shortly.

Five Great Reasons to Choose Longer (4 weeks - 8 weeks) Sessions

  1. Kids and teens develop in-depth skills. With significant time spent at each activity, campers get a chance to develop their skills and become passionate about select specialties.

  2. Kids and teens develop deep personal relationships. Almost every camper will return home with "lifelong friends" after bonding with their fellow campers and counselors for an extended period of time.

  3. Kids and teens develop a strong sense of independence. Campers learn how to spend time away from home, and acquire the confidence to be independent in their everyday life.

  4. Campers try more activities. A longer stay at camp means more time to sample a greater variety of activities.

  5. Kids and teens develop lifelong affiliations with their camp. The summer camp experience is typically so profound for most campers that they will identify with their camp and its philosophy throughout their entire lives.

Still undecided about the perfect overnight summer camp session length for your child? Call a Choice Camps Expert at 617-264-0939 and we'll help your family find a program where your children will feel comfortable and at ease.

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