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The Most Popular Teen Trip Destinations

Where Teen Travelers are Spending their Summers

By Choice Camps Staff

Updated Oct. 28, 2009, 8:44 a.m.

Teen trips, often called teen tours or teen summer camps, take students anywhere and everywhere on the globe. Below are the most popular destinations, and where you can find great programs.

Africa Teen Trips
For teens looking for pristine beaches, rich cultural history, unique wildlife, and stunning scenery, Africa teen trips, often called Africa teen tours, are a perfect way to spend the summer! With perhaps the most diverse landscape on earth (white sand beaches contrast against Mount Kilimanjaro), there's no shortage of sights to see and activities to explore. Popular teen trip destinations in Africa include South Africa (Cape Town and Durban are common hot-spots), Botswana, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, and Swaziland. Accommodations vary by trip, with most programs utilizing youth hostels and camp sites as housing. Pre-college, community service, hiking & backpacking, language immersion, and wildlife viewing teen trips are all available throughout Africa with trips departing all summer long!

Asia Teen Trips
Asia teen trips offer a diverse blend of history, culture, sightseeing, and outdoor adventure opportunities for students from all over the world. From the metropolis of Beijing to rural Southern China, students are immersed in an area where modern culture blends with ancient times. Teens can walk along the Great Wall, work side by side with rice farmers, teach English to village children and learn martial arts, exotic cooking and calligraphy.

Popular Asia destinations for teens include (but aren't limited to) China, Japan, South Korea, Thailand, India, Singapore, and Vietnam. Major cities like Shanghai, Beijing, Bali, Tokyo, Bangkok, and more are also explored. Accommodations vary by trip, with most programs combining hotel, hostel, and camp site stays. Academic enrichment, community service, hiking & backpacking, language immersion, sailing, study abroad, wildlife viewing, and teen tours are all available to students who want to visit Asia this summer!

Australia Teen Trips
The stunning scenery and vibrant local cultures of Australia make the country one of the world's most popular teen trip destinations. Known for its laidback lifestyle, Australia has some of the most impressive cities, beaches, and countryside on earth. Popular destinations include Sydney and the Great Barrier Reef off the coast of Queensland, the only living structure visible from outer space. Accommodations vary by trip, with most programs combining hotel, hostel, and camp site stays. Academic enrichment, community service, hiking & backpacking, cultural immersion, sailing, study abroad, wildlife viewing, and teen tours are all available to students who want to visit Australia this summer!

Caribbean Teen Trips
Surrounded by majestic palm trees, clear blue water, and colorful coral reef, Caribbean teen trips are among the most scenic in the world. There are 22 major islands in the Caribbean - some have mountains, some have volcanoes, some have rainforests, and some have endless sandy beaches. This spectacular setting serves as the backdrop for teen tours, community service projects, sailing & SCUBA adventures, wildlife viewing, pre-college enrichment, language immersion opportunities, and outdoor adventure programs for teens. Popular Caribbean teen trip destinations include the Bahamas, U.S. Virgin Islands, British Virgin Islands, Dominican Republic, and Puerto Rico - but most programs sail to many different locales. With diverse cultures, scenery, and opportunities, teen travelers will have fun, gain self-confidence, and make new friends while exploring the Caribbean!

Europe Teen Trips

Only on Europe teen trips can students take a dip in the Mediterranean Sea, explore ancient ruins in Greece, experience the Arc de Triomphe in Paris, visit the Coliseum in Rome, float on a gondola through Italy's Venetian Canals, shop in the finest London boutiques, and ski down the Swiss Alps. During a teen tour of Europe, students are exposed to a variety of cultures, visit numerous historic sites, dine in world-renowned restaurants, and delve into the profound experience that is Europe. Academic enrichment, community service, hiking & backpacking, cultural & language immersion, sailing, study abroad, wildlife viewing, and teen tours are all available to students who want to visit Europe this summer!

Latin America Teen Trips
Latin America teen trips give students the opportunity to tour countries rich with ancient history, natural beauty, and friendly locals. The region's intriguing culture, incredible landscape, and endless activity possibilities make it a hotbed for outdoor adventure, community service, language immersion, sailing, SCUBA, and academic teen trips. Popular destinations include Costa Rica, Belize, Ecuador, the Galapagos Islands, Panama, Brazil, Mexico, Nicaragua, Honduras, and other regional hotspots. Accommodations vary by trip, with most programs combining hotel, hostel, and camp site stays. For teens looking to make friends, explore new cultures, and try new activities, Latin America teen tours are a great way to spend the summer!

North America Teen Trips
With everything from snow-capped mountains in Vancouver to sandy beaches in Florida, North America teen trips explore a vast array of amazing cities, beaches, mountains, and landmarks. North America has the most complete offering of teen trips with community service, outdoor adventure, pre-college enrichment, academic, sailing, and internship opportunities available.

In New England, students can climb the White Mountains, canoe the magnificent lakes of New Hampshire, kayak along the rugged coast of Maine, explore Acadia National Park and board an authentic World War II amphibious landing vehicle on a Boston Duck Tour. Teens can then travel south to the nations Capitol, Washington Monument and Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C. Students then have the chance to relax in Myrtle Beach before spending time in Walt Disney Worlds Magic Kingdom, MGM Studios and Universal Studios Islands of Adventure Theme Park in Florida.

Teen travel programs also head to the famous Magnificent Mile in Chicago, Badlands National Park, Mt. Rushmore and Yellow Stone National Park. Students can pose for pictures by the most spectacular Natural World Wonder of the World, the Grand Canyon, before experiencing electrifying Las Vegas lights. Once reaching sunny California, teens can follow the historic route forged by the Gold Rush, take a dip in Lake Tahoe, browse Rodeo drive, stroll the Hollywood Walk of Fame or get a taste for wildlife in the world-renowned San Diego Zoos Wild Animal Park. Up north, limitless wilderness adventures are waiting in British Columbia and Alaska.

From coast to coast of the United States and Canada, teen travel tours provide the chance of a lifetime to learn about North America, make friends and create life-long memories.

Pacific Teen Trips
Pacific teen trips offer the very best of land and sea discovery as they take students to popular destinations like Hawaii, Tahiti, Fiji, and other South Pacific islands. From the initial Aloha, students eyes are opened to active volcanoes, lush mountain forests, spectacular waterfalls, hidden valleys, seaside cliffs, exquisite beaches, crystal blue waters and perfect waves. Students can SCUBA and snorkel through waters filled with dolphins, tropical fish and sea turtles, backpack through the mysterious Valley of Kings where waterfalls appear around almost every corner, and gain wisdom from native elders while seeing the positive impact they can have as they work to preserve the splendor of the sea and the majesty of the rainforest mountains. Accommodations may include camping, hotel, and youth hostel stays. Popular Pacific teen tours include community service, SCUBA diving, sailing, sightseeing, pre-college, cultural immersion, and academic enrichment.

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